Philippe Van Snick
Born in Ghent, Belgium 1946 – 2019 / Lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium
Philippe Van Snick

The oeuvre of Philippe Van Snick cannot be subsumed in a single category, and at the same time it is lucid and disciplined throughout. By aesthetically holding on to a strict ‘alphabet’ of ten colors and ten numbers (0-9), Van Snick has developed a mode of creativity that continues to renew itself all the time, despite his self-imposed restrictions. At  first sight, his artistic language seems formal and distant , but on closer inspection it gives way to a poetry that links up everyday experience with universal concerns. His conceptual austerity marks out an unpredictable and adventurous trajectory in the diversity of media in which his artistic practice have taken shape: photography, sculptures, drawings, paintings, architectural interventions and works in public space.

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