Luísa Mota
Delicate Nature |
30 Oct 2021 - 04 Dec 2021

“Delicate nature refers to what lies underneath our skin, not the lower epidermis, fascias, muscles, arteries or veins, but what is referred to as the spirit, or ‘ghost in the machine´ (ref. Gilbert Ryle). It also wishes to open up a discourse in regards to Nature, not just as the overarching planetary birth mother, mother nature and the natural world, but the fact that we all possess our own inner gardens, our own nature, which I usually refer to - within my workshops and with my performers - as relating human nature to our collective identity, natural instincts and behaviours. The question of gender for me, is not so far from connecting with our inner nature, who we truly are as a being, a soul, our highest self, which on the most surface level describes a series of characteristics, behaviouristic or personality traits, but might on a more astral level connect to where we come from; from which dimension, galaxy or collective we truly resonate with, in our inner essence. As we cross paths on the street, we also easily cross between several traits, like an electric circuit connecting where there is power, where a component is turned ON. There is not just one whole being, we are made of parts, just like the limbs in our body, an inner Frankenstein galvanized into life, connected by an internal circuit of blood vessels, connected and bound by cells, with a sense of wholesomeness abound by a field of energy. 

This exhibitions holds several (mainly collages and sculptures) works initiated from 2011 and finalized this year, 2021. Usually my works permeate for years, in the edges with my studio, used after a performance and left to ‘marinate’ and collect themselves and the memories they retain. Connecting to objects as if reservoirs of energy, or emotions, drives me to further explore my sculptural works, as the pieces rise into shapes and beings, that not longer are just material or medium, but gain ‘mediumship’, i.e. transporting and connecting information from other times and places. Therefore the works are understood as vessels of past memories and my own history of sorts. Often used in ritualistic settings and in choreography they carry visions and information layered over time, from their use in large-scale urban performance works, to intimate studio sessions. “

Luísa Mota 

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