Silvestre Pestana "Silvestre, In The End Of Winter" - Film presentation

One who plays with the wind and walks through time, faces the elements, the scale of nature, nerves and legality. One who dares to measure the Universe does not fear, neither freedom nor the ridicule. Silvestre walks the trails of Minho’s mountains to discover that the long paved roads of the Californian desert aren’t less tortuous. The journey itself and the different heard voices nourish a reflection on the figure of the artist, one’s path and struggles — and the importance of knowing how to differentiate companions and threats. Made over five years, with the freedom of a portrait and the curiosity of the documentarist, this film features Silvestre Pestana playing Silvestre and has the special participation of Celeste Cerqueira and Angel Calvo Ulloa. The film is produced and directed by Uma Certa Lack de Coerência (a project by André Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira) in close collaboration with Silvestre Pestana.



PT, não legendado / not subtitled

Produção e realização: Uma Certa Falta de Coerência

Com: Silvestre Pestana

Participação especial: Angel Calvo Ulloa e Celeste Cerqueira

Portugal 2021